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2005-01-13 | 7:35 p.m.
Sounds: Raspberries!
Clothes: Strawberries
Food: Strawberries

I took Jaya to the health visitor yesterday as I wanted to check her weight (she feels so heavy!) and ask about the nightmares. Jaya's measurements are 7.48kg (16 pounds 7 ounces) and 68 cms. This puts her on the 75th centile for height and just above the 50th for weight. This is great as she had always been on a much higher centile for weight than height before and I was worried she was becoming too much of a chubber! She's definitely following her father as far as size goes, my mum brought round my baby weight charts to compare today and I didn't reach that weight till I was 10 months!

I asked the health visitor about the nightmares and she said she seemed too young for them so I said "well actually she’s been getting them since she was a week old". Health visitor reckons that they sound very similar to night terror so I explained that I used to get them. We have to keep an eye on her, as it seems likely they will develop into terrors as she gets older. I have to keep a diary of every time she has one and then if a pattern develops try waking her before she is due a nightmare to see if that stops it happening. Of course she hasn't had one since!

Been out shopping with my mum today so I'm knackered! We got loads of clothes for Jaya though as she's growing out of all hers! That's the only thing with using cloth nappies – nobody cuts for cloth any more. Gap are the worst for it, I can't imagine how they imagine their baby jeans are meant to fit over a nappy! Everything we bought today had a bit of a strawberry theme, as since I got her a strawberry hat from the baby show I can't help myself every time I see something with a strawberry on it! She now has a hat, shoes, tights, 10 baby gros, trousers, jeans, blanket, dress, nappy covers, jumper and t-shirts all with strawberries!

Right the lovely Stu has made a spag bol so I'd better go! I'm gonna be really good and not have any cheese on it as I have to shift this excess weight (I'm 120 pounds and I want to be 106!)

I'll leave you with a pic of my strawberry girl...I love this photo as she looks so resigned!

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