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Good Friday

2005-03-25 | 8:15 a.m.
Sounds: children's morning cartoons
Clothes: dressing gowns
Food: cornflakes with formula

Morning everyone!

Since it's a holiday weekend I've let Jaya lie on the sofa and watch cartoons whilst she has her morning bottle. Generally the TV isn't on much in this house, I tend to have the radio going instead. I think it's better for her not to watch too much TV really. It would be so easy to let her lie on the sofa watching TV all day but I prefer her to get some excercise and stimulation crawling about with her toys! Of course though today is differant. Here is another shot of her lazing around.

See how casual she is with that bottle, just one hand on the bottom! She always feeds herself like that now, in fact she won't let us feed her the bottle any more, just snatches it out of our hands. She's such an independant little thing! She's quite happy to just open her mouth when it comes to spooning stuff in though! Now she's better it's back to the normal daily diet....

8.00am - bottle of formula and bowl of cornflakes mixed with formula or a yoghurt and fruit.

1.00pm - beaker of water and protein based meal (e.g. chicken gratin, cheese on toast, lentil stew)

4.00-pm - bottle of formula and vegetable/fruit meal (e.g. carrots, pear, apple, peas)

6.30pm - bedtime bottle.

I posted her daily routine a while back, that's what we'll be working to get back to.

It's so good to see her eating again after the week of sickness. I took her to be weighed and measured on Wed and she's 72cm long, so still well above the 75th centile but only weighs 17 pounds which is below the 50th centile so she's long and lean! She's been the same weight for two months now but the health visitor wasn't at all worried. She said that the rate of growth slows at this age and the fact that Jaya is so very active and has been ill will keep her weight down too. To be honest I'm expecting her to stay at this sort of height to weight ratio as they're all long and lean in Stu's family, there is only one aunt who is overweight. She somehow looks right to me now as she seemed too chubby before. Jaya's weight chart looks really funny though because she lost so much weight early on so it goes down to the 2nd centile, then shoots up to the 91st, then back down to the 50th! Her height chart just shows a steady growth up from the 25th to above the 75th centile!

This weekend we're headed to Nottingham to go to a party for Stu's uncle. It's the first time the Nottingham family will have seen Jaya since she was 2 months old so I can't wait for them to see her. Last time they saw her she was very passive and quiet, she's such a differant baby now, a proper little person who chats away and giggles and crawls! I'm going to be such a proud mum showing her off! I've got washing loads on so that all her clothes and nappies are clean ready to pack for the weekend. Tommorrow morning we'll get up, give Jaya her breakfast and head straight off. We're staying the night and then coming back Sunday afternoon. We're going to head into town in a minute to buy a present and to get our weekly fruit and veg from the market. Jaya loves shopping! She's so nosy, she loves to people watch from her buggy! She is really not interested in going in the coorie at all when we're out and about because she wants to watch everyone! Having said that I took her in the coorie to go swimming yesterday because it's just around the corner and she fell asleep with her head on my boob on the way home, aw! Oooh which reminds me, yesterday Jaya swam alone underwater!!!! So exciting! The instructor stood a little way away from me holding Jaya, then I gave her the cue word "Ready, go!" and dunked her under and let go and she swam over to the instructor! Amazing huh! I'm so proud of my water baby!

Teehee Stu just fed Jaya her cornflakes and they're everywhere!!! Somehow it seems to be far more complicated when he does it! He's doing the breakfast so that I can come on here and update. I've had four replies from the model agencies, two rejections :( one acceptance :) and an invitation to come up and meet them! The acceptance isn't one of the agencies I want to go with really but the "come-see" sounds promising and it's one of the agencies I want to go with. Jaya is such a good-natured happy baby I'm sure they'll love her when they meet her. I'm obviously slightly biased as I think Jaya is so scrummy but I also know the business and I wouldn't have put her forward if I didn't think she had the right temperament. Right I'd better go get us all bathed and dressed, I'll leave you with two pics of Jaya in her new hat that her Lolly (my mum) bought her!

She still grabs for that camera!!

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